This project aims at creating a tracking system to be used in field exercises by relief organizations.


  • Tracking is done indoor and outdoor.
  • Location data is analyzed in real-time and saved for later analysis.
  • The system is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Wifi networks may improve its accuracy.
  • Smartphones (android, iOS) are integrated:
    • To allow outdoor-tracking in large areas (GPS).
    • As active (scanning) or passive (beaconing) devices.
  • A wifi (mesh) setup and the internet are used to transmit location data. A wifi setup is needed in indoor scenarios (cave, tunnel), while existing GPRS/UMTS/LTE networks cover large areas (outdoor).
  • An active scanning infrastructure (i.e. eps32, mqtt) provides beaconing and scans for mobile devices.

Nice to have

  • Site navigation using smartphones
  • Low cost, wide area networks (i.e. LoraWAN) for large outdoor areas not covered by existing mobile networks
  • GPS receivers assisting the outdoor deployment of BLE-Beacons.


We focus on creating:

  1. An IoT-firmware implementing active scanning and real-time analysis (i.e. using esp32)
  2. An iOS / Android app supporting active and / or passive scanning using ordinary smartphones
  3. A tactical workbench to be used in field
  4. A deployment-guide (incl. mesh / wifi / internet)

Future work may cover tactical evaluations, tools for retrospective analysis and related technologies (i.e. solar wifi meshes)