It has been a while since the project started and we have made some progress in development. Let us have short look at our current codebase:

  • JellingStone is our ESP32 firmware. It supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) scanning and beaconing and is almost complete. Sensor data is transported using Wifi and MQTT.
  • StoneAggregator is a python script to process MQTT-data originating from JellingStone. It aggregates sensor data and stores it using retained MQTT messages. By that, clients receive all data directly after connecting.
  • fieldmon is a Angular based web application to display sensor data and manage stones. It is probably the most complex component of Fieldtracks. Unlike traccar or owntracks, fieldmon performs localization using a particle simulation. It is under heavy development.
  • StoneSimulator is a rather small python script for testing. It generates sensor data and publishes it via MQTT.

Besides of that, there is mqtt2msql to log all sensor data to a MySQL database and ansible-envs to instantiate environments for integration testing. Flashtool - mqtt client for flashing esp32 devices using a Raspberry Pi is in early development and will be published soon.